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Danny Lee

I'm a NYC-based coding enthusiast who pivoted into software dev in 2019. I've had many past careers--telco cable splicer, commercial real estate broker and small business owner, handyman, and a manager in different organizations. I also have lots of hobbies--woodwork, acrylic/watercolor painting, letterpress printing, gardening, welding and more recently, surfing.

What do you love about software development?
I've recently shifted into software development and I love it! What do I love about it? Well first, it may be difficult to pull off, but the possibility of working remotely was that last push I needed to take the plunge. Bali, here I come! 🏄🏻‍♂️🌊 Next, is the endless supply of knowledge to feed my love of learning and new skills. Programming is a challenging, yet highly accessible field. Knowledge is readily available via books, documentation, videos, podcasts, et cetera. There's just so much of it, which is another positive. I love learning. Thirdly, I see potential for building passive income streams from apps that just need time, care, an entrepreneurial spirit and some cash to get off the ground. And lastly, but perhaps, most importantly the challenges of programming aligns exceedingly well with my creative problem solving skills and with nearly limitless learning resources I know I can do anything. Dream, Explore, Create, Review, Rebuild. Its how I approach my work, my hobbies and interests, its how I live.

As a Taskrabbit handyman, I had the chance to take on all kinds of odd jobs and create solutions and bring them to fruition. Its at that time, I learned my TRUE passion is finding and building creative solutions for peoples' real world problems. I'm actually really proud of the reviews and kudos I received from my many clients during that time (link: https://tr.co/dhl), because I didn't grow up as a handy person. I also wasn't formally trained in the field, although 5 years as a telco cable splicer taught me a lot.

Handywork was something I always wanted to do growing up (having been a huge fan of This Old House and Bob Vila). After deciding to try my hand at it, and jumping in, I learned by reading lots of books and websites, YouTube videos, scouring handywork forums, reddit, and last but not least--the way I learn best--hands-on experience. It was scary at first, and it had a challenging learning curve, but I believe I can say, humbly, that I mastered handywork. But, I couldn't see doing it for another 15 or 20 years. I needed a new challenge and I think I've found it in software development.

We'll see how this goes! 😊